C.J. Hayden

C.J. Hayden

C.J. Hayden, author of "50 Ways Coaches Can Change The World"
"I think the Fork model addresses several aspects that are often omitted from
models for personal development, such as contributing to the larger whole, and the necessity of working in parallel on your own identity and contribution to others."

Gertild den Boer-Winter

Gertil den boer

Gertild den Boer-Winter, owner Ontspanningstherapie Neunen

"I regularly use this approach in my practice as Relaxation therapist (at Neunen, The Netherlands). It offers structure in the total approach and gives me more insight into the complexity of helping people."



Katty Van Roey

katty van roey

Katty Van Roey, Manager Inside Sales & Customer Care at SAS Institute NV

"This development-oriented approach is also an ideal method that takes into account the greater whole (the company) to be able to define the project/objectives, taken into account what is needed as self-guidance from the individuals within the team and what does it mean for who you are as a person (identity). "


Marc De Baets

Foto Marc De Baets comprime

Marc De Baets, Owner-Consultant Menzenco 

“The process Rudy has worked out to help teams discover their “greater whole” makes a lot of sense and offers a fresh perspective on how to connect individual competence and values to the overall team objective."


Patricia Vanoutrive

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 00.24.10

Patricia Vanoutrive, general practitioner, coach, teacher at KATHO (Kortrijk, Belgium) and mother of 4 teenage daughters.

“I use the development-oriented approach very often in my life: in guiding patients to a healthier life and in coping with health-problems, in coaching, in teaching my nurse-students and in the postgraduate coaching training, and of course also in my private life as partner and mother."

Wouter Torfs

Wouter Torfs

Wouter Torfs, CEO Footwear Schoenen Torfs – Winner Belgium Best Workplace® 2010, 2011, 2012

"The approach with The Fork model has contributed much to our success."