Patricia Vanoutrive

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Patricia Vanoutrive, general practitioner, coach, teacher at KATHO (Kortrijk, Belgium) and mother of 4 teenage daughters.

“I use the development-oriented approach very often in my life: in guiding patients to a healthier life and in coping with health-problems, in coaching, in teaching my nurse-students and in the postgraduate coaching training, and of course also in my private life as partner and mother."

A few weeks ago, ..., my 16 years old daughter wanted to join EYP (the European Youth Parliament) and had to write a motivational letter for the selection procedure. After half an hour of trying, she asked me for help. Her letter did not really show her mission as the real reason why she wants to put her free time as a young girl in this project. When I asked her, she did not have an answer in words, but I knew it was there, in her heart, and it just had to be heard. So we took a sheet of paper, I drawed a fork and asked her the questions of the fourth track (what are you suffering from now, what does society/the world needs, what would you really like to see change, ...), bringing in words what is for her the development of the greater whole, and then it really flew out of her! This is (in short) her conclusion: "I dream of a transition ‘from one to all’". Then I asked her how SHE could participate in realising this, what unique gifts she already has and what development she further needs to play her role in making it happen. We passed through all 4 four tracks of the fork in 15 minutes and half an hour later her motivational letter was written just as she felt it was right.
And guess what: she is selected now to go in march to the EYP-meeting in Brussels, and of course she dreams of going afterwards to the European sessions abroad!