The Fork Model

The Fork model is a cognitive tool to organise your thinking and experiences. It looks like a fork. That is why one of my students called it 'The Fork'.

In Western society we organise development in a narrowing way. We are busy doing daily things without reflecting on the meaning of it. We put ourselves first and are ignoring the environment we live in. In other cases we are developing people or cultures without co-creating a common higher purpose.


Ecologize Fork model

The Fork model consists of four tracks. Only by evolving on these four tracks (multi-tracking) at the same time, we will learn to develop in a sustainable way. The Fork helps people and organisations to multi-track their development. Use this model if you choose for long lasting and meaningful development. 

The principle of multi-tracking contrasts with linear and one-dimensional approaches (like getting rid of a problem or changing from A to B).  Multi-tracking our way of developing responds to the fact that life has become more layered: behaviours are part of personality and individuals are part of wholes. Reflecting on how we manage, guide, and relate with development and change has to become a pivotal point in our thinking.

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