Track 4: Greater Whole

Define to what greater whole you belong. The greater whole is not a context outside oneself. The greater whole in which one lives and acts is part of the inner life. The greater whole can be an organisational body like a family, a team, or a business. It can also be cultural: each individual is part of culture, society and historical period. In that sense it is easy to understand that we ARE this greater whole. Each one of us is an exemplar of the greater whole. It is one's individual participatory identity.

Our relationship with the greater whole is in present times of great concern. We urgently have to reconnect with the whole in order to act more as a responsible employee, citizen, or professional. The crux of The Fork model is that it defines the greater whole as an integral part of well-formed development.

Participating in the greater whole is also benificial for the individual. Adding the fourth track to one's thinking, activates the frame of meaningfulness. Meaningfulness only emerges if a person dedicate his unique personality and his projects to a desired development of the greater whole to which he belongs.


To which greater whole do you belong ?

What is the development of the greater whole to which you belong ?

How can you contribute to the development of the greater whole with who you are as unique person ?


By putting the greater whole as an essential element of development, The Fork model contributes to a present urgent need on a global scale.  The addition of this track in professional work is really the reason why we are trying to spread The Fork model as a tool for change.