Track 3: Identity

Map your unique personality and create an interesting lifestory. This track is about the whole person. Everybody is unique and each life story is unique. But people often have no awareness of their uniqueness and talents. Or they are going through life with the burden of the past. Or they don't see a interesting future and are driven by fear. 

The task is to connect with the purposeful energy that runs through life. Although people are faced with facts, there is always a possibility to create a resourceful lifestory. If a person knows his values and needs, it is more easy to do the right things.


What is your development theme in this stage of your life ?

What is your life story emerging from your biography ?


A range of approaches and methods can be used to structure this track of development: typologies to know oneself, psychoanalysis, shadow work, voice dialogue, pattern awareness, biography, etc.  It is our expertise to use methods that are uplifting and developmental, not therapeutic or problem solving oriented. Personal development is accepting the gift to take oneself serious and making the best of what life brings.