Track 1: Project

Define your project. A project is a structured approach in order to reach a goal.The structure consists of different components: the present situation, the desired outcome, resources, actions and feedback loops. It is by putting them together and work in a consistent way that success is more likely to occur. It is said that success doesn't emerge from luck, but from learning to find the right action.

It is high benificial to concretise your own development into concrete projects. Projects are down to earth. This track is about the power of taking actions and making progress by doing something, making a difference in one's behaviour or in one's situation. It is by launching yourself into the world of concreteness that you find out what you want and how things work out.


What is your project exactly about?

What new reality do you want to create?

In comparison with common ways of project management which are behaviour based, we like to emphazise the power to create. In the frame of personal development a goal is more than the absence of a present state. It is a new reality and humans have to ability to imagine new ways of behaving, thinking, and feeling. A project is not just about reaching a goal. It is about constructing new realities.