Track 2: Self-Guidance

Reflect on HOW you are doing your project, HOW you relate with your own life course and HOW you relate with the world. People differ in their ability to guide themselves efficient and nicely through life.

While doing your project, you can learn to be more effective and efficient. Maybe you are postponing or you are putting too much effort in your actions. Maybe you feel disempowered to keep going. Be honest and determine how you can improve in the way you manage your projects.

Self-guidance in relation to identity is the ability to relate with yourself going through the life course. It consists of knowing yourself, your talents, your shadow, and your personal development themes. Maybe you are fighting against something you cannot change. Happiness doesn't depend on facts, but on how you deal with facts. Happiness is something one can learn. 

The most challenging aspect of self-guidance is the relationship with the larger whole. In general people don't think they have impact on the whole. They see it as outside and offen they feel victim. What we all learn now, is the ability to guide the whole by participating in it. In that sense 'the whole' is part of the self and self-guidance is a way of changing the world.


How can you improve your ability to manage your project ?

How can you improve the way you relate with yourself ?

How can you improve your ability to participate in the development of the whole to which you belong ?



In The Fork model self-guidance is approaches as a competence. It can be assessed and taught. It can be integrated in conversations with clients by asking the proper questions.